Welcome to my personal blog, a place where I can feel free to put just about anything I want on here! So let me get started by introducing myself and why I’ve decided to create this blog.

Here goes!

I was once a Game-Designer until I took an arrow to the knee. Kidding, but in all honesty I was a Game-Designer, a very passionate one and an obsessed perfectionist and when it came to making sure that everything was perfect I’d literally stay up late at night and sleep throughout the day like a vampire. However that passion was short lived, the fire I had to keep at it burned out long before I decided to type these very words that you’re reading now.

It was never meant to be, simple as that. My passion became an obsession, I became addicted and drawn to the computer every second of the day and I shut out my family and friends. It wasn’t a life that I wanted to live, when my passion burned out I found myself lost and confused. I tried, tried and tried to make more games or work on old projects I made long ago, forcing myself but it was hopeless.

Be sure of what you want to do and don’t let your passion become an obsession.

Long before I chased my nightmare of becoming a Game-Designer I had a hidden dream to write books. When I started secondary school my hidden talent was discovered by my English teacher. When it came to creative writing I was scored the highest grade in my class and my teacher purposely made me read what I had written in the front of the class.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t say the same about other classes such as maths, history, geography, ect.. I despised these and couldn’t care less back then.

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The Internet in a Sentence

The internet is an endless field of cow crap. To find the diamond amongst that crap you need to eat it first.

Lloyd S.R