Hi, I am the Author of the Epic Fantasy Saga ‘Adam’s Quest

bookcoverAdam’s Quest is a story about a boy named Adam and is set on the planet called Artull, a planet much similar to Earth. Adam is a boy born on a farm who has his family murdered by a great and powerful evil that has spent the entirety of his life looking for him. The evil believes that Adam is a great threat to the evil lord Balork and will do anything to stop him. When the evil finds Adam, his family is murdered and Adam unleashes his true hidden power which causes him to pass out and awake in an ancient forest named The Emerald Forest. He is greeted by a great angel of which leaves more questions than answers. Adam comes to know that The Emerald Forest represents the balance of good and evil which must be kept at any cost. He learns that he’s the only one in the world to have the power to vanquish this evil and restore the balance. Adam has been watched all his life, the gods did not interfere up until they felt the power that he had unleashed that very day when the evil had found him. After the angel had spoken to him, he’s sent back to the mortal world and awakes surrounded by his butchered family and the kingsguard. He faints again and then awakes in a great castle. However, the evil will not stop until Adam is slain, no walls, no steel, no kings or their men will stand in Balork’s way. So the story begins..

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The Internet in a Sentence

  • The internet is an endless field of cow crap. To find the diamond amongst that crap you need to eat it first.

    Lloyd S.R