What Would You Do?

sinkingshipWell it’s about time that the crew and passengers in my sinking ship disaster book are told that their all going to die and there’s nothing they can do about it… Orrr is there! Imagine the panic, you’re the captain of a passenger ship with over 2000 passengers on board and 150 crew members. The ship was hit by a rogue wave, power went off and she came to a halt. There’s no power and over the period of 10 minutes the ship has managed to tilt by an angle of 4 degrees at her bow. None of the souls onboard know whether or not that the ship is doomed, if lifeboats need to be deployed and the severity of the leak. Passengers are on the verge of rioting and the crew has just radioed into to say that their losing control. The passengers want answers, there’s women and children onboard, it’s night-time and there’s not a single ship in sight nor has any mayday been sent. Where’s the leak, the ships tilting into the water by an angle of 4 degrees at her bow. Would you execute evacuation procedures? Could it just be a flooded compartment which has been sealed off, could it be that the loss of power has affected the ships stabilisation systems ? It could be anything but your main concern is that of the passengers, do you play safe and put them on lifeboats or do you explore hoping that it’s a no biggie.. What do you do ? Your decision might be used in the book, please give me your answers!


One thought on “What Would You Do?

  1. Mel A ROWE

    If there’s a sinking ship, and where I live there’s crocodiles, so everyone gets into a life-boat ASAP. Then I’d think about going back through the ship looking for stragglers and to see if its salvagable. Of course the engineer is the lasst to leave, not the captain becuase it’s the engineers job to fix the floating tub of metal and bolts. The cook would take his sly grog that the rest of the crew would drink while wtachign the boat sink from afar.
    Dunno, it’s your story. But thanks for putting the option out there for a bit of Wordplay.


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