A Diamond & Cow Crap

Well the title honestly says it all … For days, weeks and I would have dreaded to mention a month, I have waded through what feels like an endless field of cow crap that seems to get deeper the further I go. I am on the road to make my own money, I don’t want to do it through some nice luxurious luxury such as BookBaby or a professional agent … Where’s the fun in that! Instead I decided to browse through the web to the many places in which I call an endless field of crap of “Sell Your eBook…”

Let’s start with you guessed right, Amazon Kindle … Remember the Lord of the Rings where the ring finally gets cast into the volcano ? It would have felt like throwing my eBook into that same volcano… Crushed by the downfall of new eBooks and churned by the old! Of course I’m going to use Amazon Kindle, it’s a huge market… But the very feeling of ONLY using Amazon was nerve wracking to say the least..

Now let’s mention iStore …. Run, I have never in my life ever had such a traumatic nightmare of a signup experience with anything in my entire life.. This is beyond stupid difficult, I ripped my hair out … After failing many times I finally managed to signup. But then I came across the requirement of a US Tax Number (I’m a non-US Resident) …. Goodluck with that, I’m done. Oh and btw, if you manage to get a US tax number then you should go buy a Mac, you need a Mac to even remotely begin to get your eBook or iBook onto Apple’s iBook store.. Yea, you’ll need to convert it too, so heed my warning, save your time and carry on reading.

Google Books! This is going to be fun… Not! For over a year they have blocked all new registrations for authors to upload their eBooks onto Google Play Books… I found that out after I read their damn FAQ, How It Works and the reviews … I was so excited, I clicked register and the message I got was jaw dropping. We’ve temporarily closed new publisher sign ups in the Play Books Partner Center, so we can improve our content management capabilities and our user experience. We’re working to reopen this to new publishers soon. Thanks for your patience.

Then I went to KOBO, then I went to OverDrive and then I came across SmashWords. (Seemed like the real deal, but read the reviews and said hell no, found Draft2Digital, exactly like SmashWords but better.

Hence the title, an endless field of cow crap but a diamond found. If you are going to self-publish which I hope you do, then I strongly or beg you to use the service Draft2Digital. Now I am not an employee of Draft2Digital but seriously, want to self-publish ? Use Draft2Digital (Completely FREE & Amazon Kindle Completely FREE!) Here’s 2 links, check them out and stay away from that field of crap, I walked through it so you don’t have to!




4 thoughts on “A Diamond & Cow Crap

    • lloydsr

      Thanks for your comment Rob. I must say that the journey that I embarked upon was not exactly an epic adventure, but that of having my head repeatedly smashed against the keyboard and my hair ripped out… Honestly, if anyone’s going to self-publish their work then keep it simple. Make a blog, make a Twitter and use Draft2Digital and Amazon Kindle.

      Tomorrows blog post is going to be about how I get spammed by book publishers offering me promotional deals at a cost and why you should avoid them.

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  1. Nancy Cupp

    Yes this can be deep doo doo, I published on Pronoun the first time. It was free, and they released my e-book to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, ibooks all at once. I’m not tech savvy and even I could figure it out.

    By the way I made a whopping $9.25 in royalties the first year. Oh you’re supposed to MARKET the dang thing?

    Write on.


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