Is Twitter Run by Skynet ?

Most probably not but I couldn’t think of a better word to describe my experience. I am reaching more people using this blog than I am with Twitter. Why am I comparing Twitter to Skynet, what on earth, am I crazy.. Perhaps, but this is my blog and I will speak from my heart. There’s more spam on Twitter than there is on GMAIL. With that said, how would you like for me to, I quote;

Dear Lloyd S.R (Writer), Want to give your book a BOOST. please visit [1350+ satisfied customers and still counting.] 

Hey Lloyd, Thanks for the follow. If you plan on writing a book, head over to my website and download “7-Day Writer’s Bootcamp.” I’ll teach you how to write faster.

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Now I could go on and on but for our own sanity I have to stop. Twitter is full of spammers and bots, about 80% of the people I follow on Twitter spam me and offer me services that only a dimwit would ever require. Get your eBook promoted, trailer made, proofread, formatted, manuscript blah blah …. Go to my website, read my fascinating book of how to be the best writer in the world! Become rich … Absolutely ridiculous and why am I so against this ? They don’t care about me or you, they want to bleed your pockets dry… They are there to make MONEY from you! They are NOT there for you… Don’t listen to them, don’t believe their nonsense… Do it yourself, make your own money, be your own author and be your own boss!

Twitter is ran by Skynet, it’s full of money thirsty robots that couldn’t give 2 shits about you.

Thanks for reading, I love to rant..


3 thoughts on “Is Twitter Run by Skynet ?

  1. Laura Bennet

    I agree. A blog is a better way to meet people, fellow writers and readers included. Thanks for checking mine out and following. As always, my hope is that something I write will be helpful. I’m impressed with your ability to see how your computer time was hurting you. Technology is a good thing, but like every good thing, it can suck us up into another world and leave us lost. Even writing books (or reading them) can do that. It is not an easy job, but it is more fulfilling than any I’ve had (ok, so teaching was once). Way to go. Keep writing!


    • lloydsr

      Hi Laura, unfortunately my computer time is still hurting me. There’s this online fantasy game called Elder Scrolls Online and I am having to haul myself away from that game.. It is the devil and instead of claiming my soul it claims my finger nails after I leave them stuck in the desk after dragging myself away from the game… This is a serious problem and I am having to discipline myself. A general rule is 1000 words a day for 1 hour of Elder Scrolls Online and I am going to force myself to abide by that rule… Perhaps a punishment for not following that rule should be included, but I wonder what… :/


  2. Laura Bennet

    Thank you so much for your vulnerability! It’s a great thing to be able to admit our struggles. I understand how we can become addicted to something and feel so trapped by it! At first it seems great, then we can’t seem to walk away, then we don’t want to, and finally we DO want to but are stuck. I’ve been there! (Two of our sons have been in a similar place with gaming. One works for a gaming company and has designed a video game too.) You’re right in saying it’s the devil who uses things to get us stuck…he will do anything he can to steal from us or destroy us and distract us from God who loves us and wants only good for us. This is going to sound crazy – but I’ve just finished reading a book called Power in Praise by Merlin Carothers that is changing the way I think about life. (His book Prison to Praise is also so helpful ) Are you up for an “experiment’?? This author discovered the power of praising God for every situation (not a new discovery since it tells us this in the Bible). He started to thank God for everything that happened to him, both good and bad, recognizing that God is in control of everything, even the devil’s actions (check out Job in the Bible) and God uses each situation to bring about good for us (Rom. 8:28). While I have believed this and tried to live it, I was missing the heart of it. So I’ve been trying to thank God for not only good things, but bad things as well. It’s amazing how by acknowledging God that way, it releases God’s power to change things in our lives and also gives me a peace and joy that hasn’t been fully there in the past. SO…I’m going to praise God for your struggle and trust that it is in his hands and that he is using it to bring something good to your life. Would you be willing to do the same (instead of punishment 😉 )? I’d love to know what happens in your life as a result! Would you be willing to try this experiment? I’ll be praying for you and the good God wants to bring out of this! Please feel free to email me at and keep me posted if you wish!

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