A Game-Designer turned Writer.

A Game-Designer turned Writer. Well, to be honest it’s the bloody same thing. A Game-Designer builds stories using pictures and a Writer builds stories using words. Game-Design is fun but is limited by your skills. You could imagine the best game but the reality is, do you possess the required skills to even begin to turn that best game into a reality?

Writing on the other hand is limited by imagination. I believe imagination is a skill acquired from reading, watching and playing and is easily acquired. However, Game-Design is much more complicated, to learn machine code and the countless other skills required to make a game is daunting, actually I couldn’t think of a word nor sentence to describe the painstaking journey one must take in order to become a Game-Designer.

I spent 8 years of my life building games and mods for others to enjoy, and later moved on to obtaining a full time Game-Design teaching job teaching children in a school for 3 years.

Game-Design is fun but the countless times I’ve smashed my head against a whiteboard trying to come up with a logical way to subtract 1 from a variable without crashing the game is frustrating and painful. Compared with coming up with describing words to describe the opening of a simple door in a book… The man opened the door… (Boring).. The man opened the old and creaky wooden door and was almost thrown to the floor after a swarm of bats blasted out! Much better, now let’s try implement this into a game. Here’s an example of a tiny piece of code.

if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_enter)

…Screw this, I enjoy writing, it’s relaxing, it’s stress free, it’s awesomely fun! Recommended, read and write as often as you can but heed my warning, playing games is a very important part of developing ones imagination but over playing can be damaging and restricting.

“I am not a writer except when I write.” – Juan Carlos Onetti


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