How Do You Want to Live Your Life?

Life has its ups and it most certainly has its downs. When you decide to do something and so help you god you do it, but you can’t help but have shit flung at you that puts you back down that it takes a tremendous force to get you back up there and productive again.

I will write 1000 words a day, I will read for 15 minutes a day and I will not have to worry about money again because I am free.. I like my bed, I like to sleep in and sleep when I want, I like to buy nice things and go on holiday and live where and how I want, I have all the money in the world… If only that was true. But do you know something ? For as long as you want it and you’re willing to do anything to get it, it’s damn possible and easy.. Easy why ? Because you want it… It can be hard to! Hard why ? Because you’re either lazy or have too much doubt in yourself.

You live once, do you want to live and die like a slave or do you want to live and die free? The answer should be easy, when you become lazy or start to self doubt yourself just ask yourself how you want to live and how you want to be remembered.


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