Monday, bloody monday…

Well, I promised myself that I’d have my first eBook released on markets around the world … That was short lived. I am so badly cursed with the inability to retain focus when either being distracted or having something completely crappy happen to me.. It takes me hours, days or even weeks to get myself back into a comfortable mood to start working on my book projects again!

Seriously, is there someone here who knows a way around this ? Such a depressing blog post so here, have a smile! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Monday, bloody monday…

    • lloydsr

      An author once told me that the closest thing we have to magic is the pen itself. A blank piece of paper and a pen can create a whole universe and bring imaginary characters to life. I’m reading a book called “Pawn of Prophecy” by David Eddings and last night I dreamt about what I had read. In order to dream about something, that something must have been the most dominating event on that day before you fell asleep.. I learnt a couple days ago that the author had died a few years ago.. He may have died but he lives on through his books and through his readers and that is magic.

      I look forward to sending you a free copy of my eBook but unlike David Eddings book, I’d like to apologise for the nightmare that might be cast upon you >:)

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  1. Nancy Cupp

    Your curse is mine as well. The whole business of releasing an e-book is all encompassing, it seems like it should be just a press of a couple buttons–but no, it takes over your entire life! What seems like a lack of forward momentum is only the sorting through of all the tiny details you must attend to. Think of it as cleaning out the files in your brain–important work that must be done before anything else can happen.

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    • lloydsr

      I love writing, I find it relaxing and peaceful. If there was once thing that I disliked about writing then my answer would be; I grow tired of reading my own story over and over again, weeding out the weeds … It’s tiresome, once you remove a weed another grows in its place and it’s a relentless task..

      But I’m sure that isn’t just me who feels this way, it is what it is and when it’s done it’s done! 🙂

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