Don’t Judge a Book by its Front Cover!

Comparing your books to other books out there? Would you compare your painting to that of another persons ? What’s to say that his painting is better than yours ? Or his book is better than yours?

There are no rules when it comes to writing, writing is an art, there’s no way to teach another how to write. You can only teach yourself, nobody will write for you, if they did then the story wouldn’t be yours.

Make the story yours, make the language yours, it’s your book, write it the way you want and use the words that you want to use! Don’t ever compare your book to another, just because that author used those words in his book doesn’t mean that your expected to do the same! Copy cats will copy for the rest of their lives and never get anywhere. Write your own story, be your own author and let those copy cats copy you, because guess what… They’ll never be as good as you.

I was once a Game-Designer, a good game doesn’t have to look good to be enjoyed. The same with a book. Your book could have the biggest words and have the best front cover but that doesn’t mean shit if the story makes you spit saw dust when read it.


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