One of Those Days…

The day I hate, or should I say a day any other Author hates! I would very much like to hear your strategy for dealing with something called “The Writers Wall.” – A moment in time when a writer is confronted by an invisible wall in which words turn to saw dust and his mind becomes desolate.

How does one continue to write his story?

Why does this happen and what in hell causes it?

How would one prevent this wall from invisibly reappearing?

I’m very eager in hearing your experiences and how you’ve managed to climb over this nasty evil wall.

Please leave a comment, thanks!


2 thoughts on “One of Those Days…

  1. Mel A ROWE

    I know that wall well and its frustration where you want a box of popcorn to go sit in the corner and stew on it for a bit! Um…
    That’s what I do. I’ve tried a few things. Mostly I’ll walk away and people-watch in a cafe. Or I’ll watch a movie – hence the popcorn. Sometimes stepping away from the keyboard helps.
    Good luck with climbing that wall.

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  2. lloydsr

    I survived the wall! Only just… Forced my way over it but it was painful. I’m sure I’ll get attacked by this wall again sometime, pretty sure it’ll be bigger as well. Yes stepping away from the keyboard and taking some fresh air to clear my mind actually really helped.

    So I can agree that taking a step away from the keyboard most certainly worked for me 🙂

    I’ll try the cafe and popcorn thing though haha!


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