Nearing Completion

So as the title says I’m nearing completion of my first eBook. Will need to reread it over and over again, also have this sick post-production checklist to go over before sending it off to Amazon Kindle and Draft2Digital so a little nerve wracking to say the least.

Going to sell the eBook for £0.99 or $0.99, have been advised to give my first book away for free but I really wouldn’t like to do that. I need to make a living and in 3 months time I won’t have a job, back to being unemployed again. I know for certain that I will not make a living from 1 eBook, nor do I know for certain of how much I will make from this eBook if anything at all.

Starting to doubt myself, confidence is beginning to become depleted and the passion and fire to work on the eBook is rapidly dying. Just want to release it already so I can start on a new story.

Hit the writers wall yesterday, was able to overcome that and get 1200+ words done but today I’ve done half that, I’m half asleep and pretty damn pissed off at myself for not taking this seriously enough to get the goal of a minimum of 1000 words a day done.

I thought it would be easy to sit on a chair and type on a keyboard for a living. I’m so wrong, this is a very exhausting and challenging job. I’m often staring blankly into my screen wondering what I should write. It’s hard, it started off easy but for some reason it has become a real chore and it’s bloody hard work … I am exhausted but I must continue, never give up.

Hope for the best and not rush the damn thing. Subscribers to my mailing list will of course receive a full free copy, that I can promise! 🙂


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