How Much Should You Charge For Your E-Book?

I’ve kind of stolen the title here but what better way to put it. So, I did some more research as I near completion of the my first eBook ‘The Sinking Mountain’ and came across this site. Basically it provides some really helpful information about the pricing and marketing of our eBooks. Now, I’d like to mention the Amazon KDP Select program of course and hoping if anyone here would be able to shed some light on the matter.

So, as a new author on the verge of inevitably releasing his first eBook, should he stick with Amazon KDP and qualify for the Amazon KDP Select program ? Or should he ignore that, submit his eBook to Amazon anyway but also submit his book to Draft2Digital who also publishes your eBook on;

Now to me it seems absolutely ludicrous to ONLY submit my eBook to Amazon and qualify for the KDP Select program … Or is it ?

Would I get my eBook  in the hands of more people by only publishing my book with Amazon and qualifying for their KDP Select program? Or would I get my eBook in the hands of more people by not qualifying for the KDP Select program and publishing it with Amazon and Draft2Digital?

Does anyone have experience with this please ? Thanks!


3 thoughts on “How Much Should You Charge For Your E-Book?

  1. lloydsr

    Thanks for your reply Ernest! 🙂

    Just received the following email from Draft2Digital which was surprising and actually proves that the company is honest!

    While Amazon states they will provide free promotion in exchange for exclusivity during a KDP Select enrollment, we have had reports from many authors for years telling us Amazon rarely, if ever, seems to follow through on this promise.

    Despite that, I will be honest and tell you that many authors do see success during KDP Select runs. It is definitely a program worth trying at least once. I always tell authors that they should try all markets for self-publishing, to see where they find the most success. While it can be a bit nerve-wracking to bind your book(s) to only one retailer for 90 days (the length of a KDP Select enrollment), it is certainly a well-known platform where many authors have found success, so it can’t hurt to try it. If for nothing else, than for the experience.

    It’s important to note that not all of Amazon’s self-publishing programs require exclusivity. Their general KDP program would allow you to publish at Amazon as well as through other retailers at the same time. It is only KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited that wouldn’t allow you to do that for 90 days.

    My suggestion is try it all! Every avenue of self-publishing is so important. It’s all trial and error until you find your successful niche. If you decide to try exclusivity with KDP Select first, we’ll still be here if you want to then utilize our services in order to go wide! And, I daresay, vice versa

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