Face Palming the Writers Wall..

I cannot for the love of me think of anything to write here. I’m tired, I feel crappy and I need sleep. I have hit the writers wall, my head has merged with the wall itself, I do not want to work on my eBook anymore. I want to start a new eBook, but before I can do that I must finish the current eBook that I’m working on! … I’m so close to finishing it though! What to do… If I force myself to finish the eBook then perhaps I won’t do a good job, maybe I’ll ruin the ending … Should I force myself ? Baaaahhh… /Face Palm


2 thoughts on “Face Palming the Writers Wall..

  1. Ares . Three

    It’s kind of like when you see you have (13) drafts on your blog. You want to write about so many things, or discuss so many topics, but you are sometimes overwhelmed by the choices. By you, I of course mean me. I am at the wall stage right now. Need to just take a step back, relax, and continue tomorrow.


  2. lloydsr

    But the thing is I have spent a lot of time relaxing and should I continue down this path then I might as well call myself a wannabe author. However I have managed to write some more on my eBook and I am actually nearing completion, thank god … Perhaps taking such long breaks from a book is a bad idea, the idea becomes stale and the words become sour … Perhaps for my next book I will not take such long pauses.. Shame on me, I’m just lazy 😦

    Just gotta pull through, do what you’ve set out to do and try not to overwhelm ourselves or become lazy 🙂

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