Release Day! … At Long Last…. .

My hands fill with energy! A feeling long forgotten and at last felt once again! Writing a story takes a huge amount of energy, time and patience. As a matter of fact I have to state that writing is actually the hardest job that I’ve ever done.

But enough with my pointless rambling.. Today I finished my first eBook, I feel great, I feel energised and excited! Tomorrow is a day of editing and ensuring that everything is ready to be exported to Amazon and then I can officially call myself an author. But I have a long long road ahead of me, I’ll never get to the end of that endless road but I’ll try my best to get as far along it as I can!

To all those out there that are working on a book, please don’t give up. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. When I first imprinted my story’s first letters on the very first page I realised that I’ll never finish my book, how wrong I was.

Writing a book is hard work, however it’s nothing compared to how hard it is to keep yourself motivated and confident. Keeping yourself motivated, being confident and let’s not forget inspired is actually in my opinion the hardest part with motivation being the hardest.

Don’t give up, only losers give up, your story needs to be finished and there are people are there that are waiting for it!

Good luck and remember that I will give a free copy of my eBook to those that sign up to my mailing list!


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