Sold 27 eBooks on Amazon

Yea, I uploaded my book to Amazon, published it, enrolled into KDP Select and sold 27 books within the first couple of hours! …

Not. This is silly … Sick, twisted … Wicked … If I sell my eBook for anything less that $2.99 then I may only receive 35% of what the book sold for. If I sell my eBook for a price of $2.99 or higher then I get 70%

But who in the right mind is going to spend $2.99 on an author they don’t know! … So I’ve decided screw it … For publicity’s sake let’s just give the book away for free… Screw the KDP Select, I’m not using it again. My book is bound to Amazon and should I try and publish it elsewhere then god forbid a shit storm will smash my face in. My next book will be published using Draft2Digital and it will also be published on Amazon but not tied to that silly KDP Select exclusive crap.

For new authors give your book away and use Draft2Digital and sell it anyway … Plus Draft2Digital pay you monthly anything you make where as Amazon takes 60 stupid days!


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