Nothing Like a Little Leak.

My upcoming eBook, Adam’s Quest.

As Adam began scratching a score into the cold lifeless stone wall, he was greeted by his furry friend, Grub. Grub was an old, timid and brown rat that was quite fond of Adam. They had spent a long time together trapped in the enclosement of a cell and had gotten to know each other like good friends. Adam stopped and looked at Grub,

“I can barely see you over there in the dark, why don’t you come over here and say hello. You see, if that window wasn’t there, then the moonlight would make it impossible to see you Grub.” The timid rat stared at Adam for a moment and without hesitation scuttled away.

“You’re not a very social creature are you,” he said. Adam sighed and continued doing what he was doing before the rat had interrupted.

“That’s eighty-two days now, will I ever get out of here?” he muttered to himself. Suddenly there was a brush of wind which scattered the dust like a sandstorm, and out of nowhere, Adam was confronted by a raven of whom made its presence known by perching itself and flapping its majestic wings on the ledge of the arched window in his cell. The raven’s eyes were of different colour, one eye was of fiery orange and the other a glimmering sapphire blue. The raven sat there like a gargoyle, staring down at Adam who at this point became fixated on the raven. Adam stood up slowly whilst looking confused.

“What do you want?” he asked. The raven cawed back and flapped its wings and cawed again. In a demanding tone Adam said,

“I’m sorry but I don’t understand, why are you here just answer me!” The raven cawed again, filling the cell with echoes and when the echoes had faded an unbearable urge to walk towards the raven filled Adam’s mind. He was powerless to resist the temptation to reach out and touch the ravens silky black feathers. The moment he touched the raven, there was a blinding flash of white followed by black and a strong smell of wet earth which filled his lungs. He couldn’t breathe nor see anything, he felt the most strangest feeling, as if he was falling but at the same time flying. Suddenly images of fire and brimstone and a lake of fire invaded his mind. They appeared so real that the images let off a searing painful heat. Adam soon found himself in a world of unimaginable nightmares, but then, he plummeted towards the ground like a meteorite and found himself face to face with a demonic presence of a horned demon. The demon was a half dragon and half minotaur looking beast, it was hideous. Eyes of flame, skin of molten lava, claws of blades and demonic wings as huge as mountains. The demon growled,

“I’ve found you at last!” Then began to charge at Adam. But suddenly Adam’s vision became black and he felt himself plummeting yet again an endless depth towards another mysterious place. Terrified of the images that he had witnessed, he screamed. So the adventure begins…

Coming 26th April on iBooks, Google Books, Amazon Kindle and many more 🙂

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