Summer is beautiful, but.. Trying to write a book in weather that makes you feel as if you’re melting *humid England” isn’t very enjoyable at all. Is it just me that feels the same?

What do you think about summer?


Old Pen & Paper: Update

Just bought myself a notepad that will live in my pockets. Carrying a laptop around with me, taking it out, putting it back in is annoying after awhile. Especially during those times when you just want to write a little.

Old Pen & Paper!

Your letters and your words fly off into the void of your computer screen. It feels strange when you think about it and unreal. However, after writing a little more of my book on a torn piece of paper yesterday, it felt so real, I believed my own letters and words. I could just imagine how it would feel to actually draw my books world and it’s characters. How real would that feel 🙂

Adam’s Quest Update:

Progress has been slow and the painful sight of having sold a single book in weeks is an eyesore. However, I am more determined than ever to continue because I know that one day, a very lucky someone will get hooked on my epic fantasy ebook saga!

Thanks for reading and please allow me to keep you all updated! 

Adam’s Quest Part 2

Release date postponed again, I still have a lot of writing to do on the book. Also need to design Stonecrest Castle and finish off the planning for Adam’s ultimate betrayal! >:) 

I estimate the release date to be postponed for another week, but check out Adam’s Quest Part 1, it’s only £1.00

Feeling Lost Once Again..

Give up, give up and save the time that you spend working on something you so desperately want and do something else! Never mind the shed blood, sweat and tears … Forget it!

Winston Churchill, Never, Never, Never Give Up! – (A bit I like to add at the end) Only Losers Do! / Failure can only be achieved when giving up!

I want to thank a very supportive friend named Nancy for her motivational email and it’s because of that email that my eyes are now open. Only Losers Give Up!

Adam’s Quest Stew!

A little same from Adam’s Quest part 2. It seems Adam’s new mentor Boris isn’t very fond of stew.

“Smells good, what’s for dinner then, I’m starving!” Said Adam whilst rubbing his belly. Boris hesitated to answer,

“Smells like beef stew — again,”

“oh that sounds lovely, I love stew! My mother made the best stew in the world. Everyone in Rotham came to try some whenever she made it.” Boris hissed,

“when you have stew every single bloody day, then it isn’t so good.”

“I’d love to eat stew everyday!”

“Trust me, no you wouldn’t.”